Tuesday, October 12, 2010


so life has got me feeling some kinda way right now. i feel myself bout to start actin real wreckless. just a #headsup

Monday, September 6, 2010


working on it...

xo, Lo

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

just a little piece of gorgeous

pretty clouds. a cute little patio. && an even cuter lil' mariachi band. :D
casa milagro. a family fave!

shoutouts to hector && his boys. they were jammin'. && continually shouted out our table for having the prettiest girls on the patio! haha.


my super duper fabulous bowl. G.G. is love
ohh && lets not make fun of the chopstick "helpers". #thatisall


sooo. one of my favorite pastimes is hangin w/ my lil homie chance [[my lil cousin; but i call him my nephew]] this babysitting extravaganza was right before he went to oklaHO[E]ma 4 the summer :( cici's pizza && games. park. ice cream. simple but oh so fun whenever this lil' dude is around. oh && i WILL NOT mention how he NOT SO GRACIOUSLY put this lady who couldn't control her kid on blaaasssstttt loud as hell in cici's INFRONT of her. [[smh!]] gotta love him...&& now for the "park pictures" [[deleted the rest of the days :/ to make room for others]]


so i cooked the decadently delightful dish of deliciousness for my breakfast the other morning. im really proud of it. took a picture w/ the intentions to share. so i shall.

note: the cheese on the eggs :]

cherry pop'd

haa. sorry perverts this isn't some exhilarating story about entering into womanhood. it is actually the story of my first salad. didn't feel like re-explaining so [[insert facebook status below]]

"oh em gee! so i conquered the major feat that is the consumption of a salad yesterday. eek! [[anyone who knows me knows thats a HUGE deal..]] && surprisingly it wasnt that awful. haha. dentist this morning a got a filing w/ no drugs [[thugLife; i sooo took it like a G]] && now for....i dont exactly know.. [[nap?!]]ha!"

well the dentist is another story for another day && disregard the nap. but here is the now famous ensalada.

Fathers Day

so. very few people know this but i have a very "test-y" relationship w/ the fajja. we fight, alot. [[irrelevant]] anywho. we've been getting along quite well recently && in appreciation 4 all the things that he's done for us we wanted to give him a very special day.

deep tissue massage $60
spa pedicure $30
manicure $20
dinner ingredients $90

good fathers day for the daddio priceless

daddio sittin in the spa lookin very Simon Cowell-ish.

&& u cant lie. this look great! && yea,i did it

&& here's proof! [[apparently oil && wet salmon hurt]]

dad && the sisters [[reading his card]]

blame it on the a.d.d

ok, so im super uber behind as far as the whole "blogging thing goes". [[excuse: i have a.d.d. symptoms include starting things && not finishing/keeping up with them; procrastination. (i.e. what happened w/ the whole "blog" thing)]] start over number 3. begins now..

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


random fact: swear if i was cool.brave. &&/or legit enough to get a 1/2 sleeve or a "semi"-massive arm tat [[scratch that...arm MASTERPIECE]] i sooooo would! like, how unexpected would that be?! [ha! even more reason to do it...] mucho kudos to "pretty" chicks rockin' the armgasm that is a tattoo sleeve. i envy you!